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Question about Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter House-Five

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    I just started reading the book, and I can't figure out if the narrator of the story is supposed to be Kurt Vonnegut or not. I mean, there are alot of times authors will narrate their own books and interject into the stories (like saying "but I digress", or "I'll tell you about him some other time), and I can't figure out if Vonnegut was actually in WWII and talking about his actual experiences, or the little "This is mostly real" disclaimer in the beginning of the book is supposed to be the fictional protagonist conversing with the reader.

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    Chi Meson

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    There is a point in that book where the narrator is telling the anecdote of one soldier who had the runs while sitting on the latrine. He quotes the soldier (something like) "I think I'm gonna s*** my brains out." and then later, "There they go!" and then the book says:

    "That was me. That was I. That was the author of this book."

    A lot of people point out that this was KV jumping into the book, pointing out that the narrator was someone else who was telling the story about a group of soldiers, one of whom was KV.
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    Yep slaughterhouse five is semi-autobiographical (only the parts about aliens tho').
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