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Question about magnetism

  1. Mar 2, 2006 #1
    Here is my question:
    Two wires lie perpendicular to the plane of the paper, and equal electric currents pass through the paper ( the one with the x means it is going through the plane, the one with the dot means it is coming out of the plane towards the viewer). Point P is equidistant from the two wires.
    Construct a vector diagram showing the direction of the resultant magnetic field at point P.
    Part II: If the currents in both wires were directed out of the plane show the field at point P.

    Ok, so from a previous question I asked on here I know that the direction of the current can be found using the right hand rule. Using this rule the current should be moving in the counter clockwise direction in the wire that is coming out of the plane. And the current should be moving in the clockwise direction in the wire that is going through the plane. However, I do not know how to construct the vector diagram showing the resultant at point P.
    please help, thanks.
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    since the wires are equidistant then the field will point straight up in your diagram. all of the horizontal fields will cancel. if the currents were both going the same direction coming out of the page then the field would point to the left and there would be no vertical component.
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