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Question about Matlab

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    I am asking matlab to run a program I created. This program requires a huge calcul of integrals. If I reduce the number of integrals (which I can't if I want to study the real case) the program gives me a correct result. But if I keep it with all his calculs (nearly 1200 integrals), I have the answer :" Error, (in csgn) integer too large in context ". Why is that and how can I solve it?

    thx in advance
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    I don't know this exact error, but you should set a breakpoint, or toggle the "stop if error" breakpoint option. You'll be able to figure out exactly where (as in which line) your script is breaking down. More MATLAB M-File debugging tips:

    (BTW, you may want to run the intmax command: returns the maximum integer size on your system, which may or may not tell you why the command is failing).
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    Hi Sabine,

    I don't understand your PM. If you don't know how to set breakpoints, or set the "stop if error" option, see Section 7 in the link above.
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