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Question about Multiverse

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    So i just got started with multiverse. I have a few questions.

    Do we now know how many other universes are there other than ours?

    Where is or which one is ours? Like the lowest or the highest or we are at the bottom or at the top in whatever measure that there is?
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    None as far as can be shown by any actual evidence.

    We are the only one, as far as can be determined.

    Multiverse proposals are just that ... proposals with zero evidence.
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    The multiverse idea is handy for explaining away things like fine tuning of the properties of our universe. It is unclear if or how the hypothesis is even testable. That puts it squarely in the realm of conjecture, IMO.
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    Ken G

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    Philosophy and science have long had a kind of uneasy friendship. Back in the old days, "natural philosophy" was considered the same thing as science, but that was before scientific epistemology was better established, and the distinctions between science and philosophy became more clear. Galileo's observations of the "flaws" in astronomical objects, objects considered on philosophical grounds to be perfect, was a nice example of that dichotomy. One might even be tempted to conclude that the break from philosophy was the single most important step in the advancement of science, though one must not go too far and imagine that the break was complete. Science uses philosophy all the time, indeed it is philosophy that decides the parameters of science. But like the prodigal son, it has left to find its own way, with an oftimes irreverant attitude about its philosophical ancestry! In the multiverse, we find the prodigal son returned home, and the conversation between the child and the parent is interesting to eavesdrop on, as that Wiki article clearly shows.
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