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Question about 'Nabla'

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    What would be the result of:
    [tex]C \nabla[/tex]
    as C is any Constant ?

    Note: i don't mean: [tex]\nabla C[/tex] as this is known, but i mean: [tex]C \nabla[/tex]
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    First of all "nabla" is a symbol, not an operator. The operators that use the symbol "nabla" are [itex]\nabla f[/itex], [itex]\nabla\cdot \vec{f}[/itex], [itex]\nabla\times\vec{f}[/itex], and [itex]\nabla^2 f[/itex].

    Putting a constant, C, before any of those would just be the result of [itex]\nabla f[/itex], [itex]\nabla\cdot \vec{f}[/itex], [itex]\nabla\times\vec{f}[/itex], or [itex]\nabla^2 f[/itex], multiplied by C.
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    Hi AbuYusufEg! :smile:

    (have a nabla: ∇ :wink:)
    Just do the 'nabla', and then multiply the result by C.

    Do you have an example in mind? :confused:
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