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Question about Physics

  1. Apr 15, 2004 #1
    Okay let me explain my situation.

    I was in the engineering major before i switched to the premed major, which required to take Physics 40A, B, C (physics which is more engineering oriented).

    Now that i switched majors to premed, i dont need to take 40a,b,c and rather Physics 2A, B, C (Physics which is more science oriented, but a lower level than 40)

    I already finished 40a, and it was really hard..but i still managed to get an A in that class.

    For my major, you can either take the 40a,b,c path or the 2a,b,c path, and i was thinking of going from 40a, to 2b to 2c instead of the 40b to 40c...

    Is this wise, or should i stay in 40b and C? Because i plan to go to med school, and if they see me drop from a higher level physics to a lower one, they would be like what the heck you know? So yeah, that is my little predicament, i am just a freshmen in college and dont know much stuff. thanks
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