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Question about polarity?

  1. Sep 12, 2013 #1
    Referring to following image,

    Does anyone have any suggestions on which side is positive polarity?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions :>

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    could you explain what the picture consists of?
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    The bottom of the magnet, the side the compass is pointing to, is actually a south pole. A compass points towards the North pole of the earth not because it is magnetically north, but because it is magnetically a south pole and is in the North direction.
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    Polarity is the most confusing concept in my understanding.

    Thanks you very much for suggestions :>
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    Is that a battery in the upper part of the image? is that a magnetic compass in the lower part? If the answers are both "yes", then you cannot determine polarity of the battery using a compass.

    A compass moves its needle into alignment with a magnetic field (the earth's, usually).

    The polarity of a battery cannot measured using a magnetic compass. You could find the polarity of the battery using a voltmeter, for one example.
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    I think that is a magnet, not a battery.
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    I think you are right

    tho when you look closely at the top thing, I'm wondering if its a flip down lid that covers/protects the compass face ????? see the little lugs at 180 Deg spacing

    but the original question is so screwball, its really difficult to figure out what the Op really wants to know

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