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Question about QCD

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    Has the physics community come to an agreement on the form an approximate potential function would take for the strong force in a meson?

    I am just starting out as a physics major, but I have been reading a few books on basic quantum theory and QFT. I am currently reading a book on particle physics that was written in the 80's, and it talks about several forms that the potential could take in a meson such as a charm-anticharm. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide some up to date information on this subject.
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    Meir Achuz

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    The so called "Cornell potential" has been used. It looks like
    V=-g^2/r + ar. Sometmes a ln(r) is used instead of ar.
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    Thank you.

    Have experimentalists been unable to determine which of the two fits better as of yet?
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    Nobody has been able to show on paper that confinement does exist. It is all speculation at this point that the potential function is given by the Cornell potential or something similar to it. Well, you have lattice simulations but they are not very convincing, at least to me.
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