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Question about radioactive fallout

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    My uncle was in WWII, and after we bombed japan , he was send over there for some duty. When he came home he brought some belongings from japan, like his uniform, Gun,, ETC...He passed away this year and left some of his WWII things to me that he brought back from japan. My question is, IF these things were in japan after we droped the bomb, would they have residual radioactive dust still on them, in other words arent WWII collectibles from japan radilogicly contaminated? Thank you for any help, as i dont know much about how fall out all works.
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    Unless he physically rolled around in the dirt near ground-zero in one of those two cities, no (and even if he did, probably not).

    Some info http://www.hiroshima-is.ac.jp/Hiroshima/radiation.htm [Broken].
    Others may be able to give more...
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    In a word - NO!!

    The are a lot of things in your life that are much more radioactive than
    Japanese collectables - including YOU.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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