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Question about recovering photos on Android

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    Got a folder of images deleted when backing up data to my computer. I checked the trash bin but can't locate them in there.

    I searched in Google and there are a bunch of solutions out there. The problem is that most of the apps require the phone being rooted. Please suggest me a way to recover the photos without root.
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    Nope, both of the programs need root access. jus tested it on my computer.
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    The problem here is that without root access the apps can't look in directories that they don't own.
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    Then I know the reason. thanks for the tip. Will get the phone rooted first
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    Did you have a backup there? If have one, then try to restore your backup! If you didn't have a backup, the last hope is try to retrieve deleted photos from your Android phone, as you said, there are many app only works for rooted phone, that's right! nearly all Android data recovery tool only works for rooted phone!

    in there are many other tools like Tunesbro disklab for Android, aisesoft labphone, Refonesoft.
    and more...
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    Unfortunately, I forgot to backup the photos. This is a big mistake, lol
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