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Question about solutions.

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    Examples: Sulfuric Acid 93%, Sulfuric Acid 5% v/v Aqueous Solution, Sulfuric Acid 10% w/w Aqueous Solution, Silver Nitrate 0.025 Normal.

    How do I relate this to molarity and what does v/v, w/w, and normal mean?
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    Any help? I just need to know so that I can choose when purchasing chemicals.
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    v/v means volume to volume, so it would be 5% by volume sulfuric acid, and 95% by volume water (aqueous).

    w/w means weight to weight, so 10% by weight sulfuric acid and 90% by weight water.

    Here's a site that actually offers explanations to all your questions, and it does a better job than I could explaining normality.

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    Thanks alot Moonbear!
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