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Question about sounds

  1. Aug 26, 2005 #1
    well, I have a question that i didn't find its answer

    the question is :- why i cant hear the screaming inside water from outside ?

    I mean if there was a sound inside the water then why people cant hear it from outside

    is it the difference in density
    or is it the frequency
    or the sound fracture

    actually I am so confused

    I wish to find the answer

    thank you
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    You can do that. Try shouting real loud under water, then the person above water can hear you (although much softer) the other way around works the same way.

    Sound is being transmitted, but it's hard to transmit the vibration of the water to the air. That's why it gets damped out a lot.
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    thank you so much mr.galileo
    you mean its because transmiting the vibration between two different density
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