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Question about spatial dimensions

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    ok so i was doing a bit of "mindsterbating" and came up with a bit of an odd conclusion and wanted to know if someone had already thought of it or if it made any sence at all. so you have two points on oposite sides of a line and they have a particle of light bounceing between them. the particle of light moves along the line connecting the two points. now say you had another line identical to the first one but you bent it. both lines have two points on oposite ends with a particle of light bouncing between the points but the light always moves along the line between the two points no matter what the shape of the line is. if the two points were observers then shouldent they both see identical situations? the light travels the same distance at the same speed and hits the same point so if i were to stand on one of the points and be bent the same way as the line the other point would look the same in both cases as long as the light follows the line. so if this makes sence then would it mean that because light travels along strate lines in spacetime, although light appears to bend into black holes to an outside observer, if i were to observe the light's path from the light's point of view i should see no bend in my path between me and the black hole but would see the rest of the universe bend as i entered the area where an outside observer saw my pathway bend? so if this is the case, why cant our universe be a blob of crumpled up dimensions that only appears to be flat on all of its plains because light travels along agreeable pathways?
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