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i have a question about the spring's permanent.
if i have a spring with:
size: 2L
permanent: K
and i cut it in half so i now have in my hand a spring like that:
size: L
permanent: and here is the problem- i don't know what happens to the spring's permanent in this case...
is it 2K? does it stay the same?
please help, Thanks :)
It stays the same. And, in English, it is called 'constant', not 'permanent'.

Edit: oopss...further googling reveals it doubles.
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firstly please tell which language do you use for learning physics.its spring constant and not permanent.
however the spring constant in this case will be 2K.
this is because the spring canst. is inversely proportional to the length of the spring i.e KL=constant(1)

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