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Homework Help: Question about Statics

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    Question about Statics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey i'm having trouble finding examples of statics in different engineerings.
    See i ave this homework assignment where i have to look up an example problem of either computer or electrical engineering. The catch is that i have to find a problem related with statics, mostly support, center of mass, frames...
    I have looked everywhere online and i find nothing. I was wondering if any of you can suggest any problem or a book i can find it, i have fundamentals of physics for my physics class and beer's statics for my mechanics class.
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    Give this a try: http://www.phys.unt.edu/~klittler/demo_room/e&m_demos/5a20_20.html

    You can calculate the charge on each pith ball given the mass and angle or you can find the mass given the charge or angle or you can calculate the angle from the mass and charge... You can look mor into coloumbs law here as well.

    good luck.
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