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Question about Tesla

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    I'm starting to read about physics, and I was watching a video saying that the light doesn't actually move.
    And I ended up reading this comment on youtube:

    "Tesla teaches that every point of the universe is the same point and each point is capable of infinite expression. Wave field turn on/off so fast an illusion of solidity is created. Your own physical body is living and dying switching on/off, but the inertia creates the impression of a continuum, just like the 'motion' of the light bank"

    Is this true?
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    Tesla also didn't believe in electrons, so I'd say not likely.
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    nice response, axmls :smile:
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    and this statement "Wave field turn on/off so fast an illusion of solidity is created" , have any sense?
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    You should not use YouTube videos and Tesla quotes to learn about real physics. There are much better and more reliable sources of information.


    We do not discuss pseudo-science here on the PF. We are a mainstream scientific website. Please use mainstream sources of information for your learning about science. Thread is locked.
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