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Question about the beginning

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    Though I'm not very experienced in math or physics, I find myself constantly seduced by these two subjects.My formal education on the matter is very little but I do try to take as much information as a layman can via videos and layman-friendly articles. I thought about something and , though I'm not quite sure it's original or not, was wondering if it exists at all.

    Here goes:

    1.The question about the "beginning" boggles the mind of many because to have a beginning automatically makes you inferior for some odd reason, and there is no way something cannot have a beginning so...god! (sarcasm, of course).

    The universe, as I understand it, had a beginning in the form of the big bang. Now, is it possible that the beginning of the universe and its end occurred simultaneous so that its existence is somewhere in between already gone and just beginning? Could this balance of time be what causes our perception of it and the four forces define the parameters of such an existence? This existence is essentially independent of our understanding of "start" and "finish," residing somewhere in between.

    2.Could time have already occurred? Is it possible that our conscience is simply moving along a zip line? If so, can we have memories of our future that somehow impact the present (let the time paradoxes ensue!)?
    I feel like I've read this somewhere before.

    These questions aren't academic by any means; I dabble in writing and in the event I want to write science fiction, I don't want to sound like more foolish than I already would.

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    Welcome. This is indeed more philosophical than is acceptable in this particular section, but given your purpose it might be okay in the Science Fiction Writing section. I'm going to ask a Moderator to either move it or at least discuss it with you.
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    Sorry, this is too speculative.
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