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Question about The Big Rip

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    Question about "The Big Rip"

    With dark energy accelerating the expansion of the Universe, has anyone done calculation on how long it will take for black holes to be ripped apart? I'm assuming here that space is going to be expanding so fast that the acceleration of the material towards itself due to gravity will not be able to keep up. Will all black holes be destroyed at the same time or will some take longer than others? I'm assuming here (possibly incorrectly) that black holes will be the last structures in the Universe at this time.

    If we assume the Universe has 1,000 times the mass as our observable universe and we place all that matter inside of one black hole then we "explode" (for lack of better terms) this hole, what would happen? I assume that everything initially released would be massive amounts of energy followed by energy to mass conversions. Would this be enough to slow the acceleration of the Universe for a while? Maybe 6 or 7 billion years? This obviously has flaws and probably has no relevance to reality but I was thinking a little after reading some other questions on this site and remembered previously reading that some folks think that dark energy may have been the driving force of inflation. This makes me wonder if inflation is just the pre-matter acceleration. When did matter form anyway?
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    Re: Question about "The Big Rip"

    It doesn't happen. The accelerated expansion doesn't cause objects like black holes to change their behavior by any significant amount. They just evaporate through Hawking radiation as they would do with or without the accelerated expansion.

    And yes, by the way, there are theorists that attempt to connect inflation and the current accelerated expansion. There are as yet no compelling candidate theories (currently they're just stabs in the dark), but there are theorists that are still looking.
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