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Question about the first supernova

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    Tycho Brahe observed the first supernova in 1572. My question is, did he name it. Everyone names the first new star or moon or whatever it be that they personally found. So did Brahe name his finding in the constellation Cassiopeia.

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    Actually, there have been unaided observable supernovae from Earth, averaging about one every hundred years, as long as there have been observers here. The Crab Nebula was one of them, recorded by the Chinese in 1033 AD.
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    Chinesse did not call what we currently call supernova or supernovae but a "guest star" being it could be a comet or any other bright object in the sky. I know what you talk about the 600+day bright light in the sky but i thought the date was 1054. This as from what i understand was not confirmed as a supernova but a guess. The first actual recorded observation was Brahe. Key point being recorded and confirmed
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