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Question about the Moire Effect

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    I am studying the Moire effect and I have a question about it: the appearance of fringes because of the superpostion of two grades is the effect of light interferance or simple the superpostion of shadows?
    And does anyone know how can I go about to determine what will be the pattern given to grades? Thank you

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    You can see the moire effect even with very large scale objects, such as two rows of regularly spaced trees, one behind the other, or railings on a bridge, so I don't think it is just an interference effect. On these large scale objects it is a shadow effect. Interference may come into play as the spacing of the gaps becomes smaller - approaching a few wavelengths of the radiation the moire effect is being observed with.
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    Thank you very much. Just for reference to whoever is looking at this thread, I found a nice book on this topic: The Theory of the Moire Phenomenon, by Isaac Amidror.
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