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Question about the singularity

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    I have a quick question about the singularity, is it infinitly small and dense and if so why? Why do we know it to be so as infinitely dense and small? Any help with this will be much appreciated.
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    Singularities are predicted at the center of black holes. We cannot see them (because they are hidden behind an event horizon), but singularities are a prediction of General Relativity. There are several important theorems in GR that show that singularities must arise in a black hole, given certain plausible assumptions.

    Most people think that quantum gravity will prevent infinite densities from actually occuring in the center of black holes, however we do not have a theory of quantum gravity at this time.
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    General Realtivty and Quantum theory are incompatible. When you need both (as inside black holes) there is no working theory.
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