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Question about the universe

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    I don't know about you, but I know that everything has limits. So I have a question; Is the universe just three dimensions plus time and contain just the forces, energies, and laws of physics that we know about; or is there more dimensions and physics laws, energies and forces that are in this universe and cannot be percieved by our senses or visualized?
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    If we can answer your question, we would have already known everything in the universe now, don't we?

    Furthermore, if there is something that we can't perceive, then what difference does it make since obviously, by definition, it has no effect at all on our universe. We can't tell if it exists or not. A discussion about something we can't perceive in any way whatsoever is not within the realm of physics.

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    Whoa that's deep, and I'm far from being an expert, but my guess would be that we will never know, if we cannot percieve them, then I doubt we would know they exsist, just my thoughts anyway...
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