Question about the velocity of a wave

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Homework Statement

If you are given the length of a rope as 8 meters (and the g/m of the rope as 69, and impact strength of the type of rope it is as 8.8kN) and the tension in the rope when stretched out as 418N, how do you find the velocity of a pulse that creates a 1mm vertical displacement across 2 meters horizontally on the rope. (The pulse being split, 1 meter being an upward vertical displacement, the other meter being a downward vertical displacement.

The pulse moves from left to right along the rope. How can I find the velocity?

If I need to give more information or draw a picture, let me know.

The Attempt at a Solution

Really, I'd just like to know where to start, I'm not really sure where to begin concerning finding velocity from these given variables.

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