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Question about TI Calculators

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    Amazon often has sales and sometimes you can get a better product for cheaper.

    Corporations do do this, you know. For example, at McDonald's I can get a 99cent extra large soda for cheaper than I can get a medium, 1.29, I believe.

    Looks like a good time to buy a ti-89, and yes it's better than both those other two calculators. It's been a good one in my experience, however, I want to get a RPN program for it.
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    The TI-89 has what is called a computer algebra system or CAS, which can locate symbolic solutions to problems, like finding derivatives, integrals, and whether or not infinite series converge.

    The TI-83 can only find numerical solutions to problems, like the roots of polynomials and the coefficients of systems of linear equations.

    And I have no idea why the older version of the TI-89 is more expensive.
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