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Homework Help: Question about torque/forces

  1. May 3, 2015 #1
    A 1130 N uniform boom is supported by a cable perpendicular to the boom, as seen in the figure below.
    The boom is hinged at the bottom, and an m = 1870 N weight hangs from its top. Assume the angles to be mimetex.gif = 69.5o and mimetex.gif = 90.0o - mimetex.gif . Find the tension in the supporting cable
    Find the x-components of the reaction force exerted on the boom by the hinge (choose to the right as positive).
    Find the y-components of the reaction force exerted on the boom by the hinge (choose upwards as positive).

    I don't understand why radius is taken into account when calculating tension, but doesn't play a role in calculating the components of force.
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    It would help to see the picture.
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    sorry, here it is
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