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Question about Vectors and how the change in direction from the wind affects it.

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I suggest that you make East the x-axis and North the y-axis. Neither axis is up or down, both are along the ground.

Allan is skating East on a flat ice rink at 4.0 m/s. The wind is blowing constantly towards North East (at 45 degrees between North and East) and accelerates Allan in the same direction with a magnitude of 1.0 m/s2. If Allan starts at the origin at time t1=0, where will he be at t2, 10. seconds later?

I am looking for a little guidance on this question, i have attempted it a few times but as of yet, I don't even know if i am on the right track, If someone could just send me on the right track i would greatly appreciated it.

I had made the diagram of how the wind had affected the original path of Allan, and i believe i need to calculate a final velocity before i can use time to determine his position, I tried to do it through for the x direction vicos(45) which came out to be 2.83m/s then i added 4.0m/s to get a total of 6.83m/s and a total distance of 68.3m in the x direction. Although i do not believe this is right.

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