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Question about visual basics

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    hi plz can anyone tel me how to control a motor connectd to an electronic chip connected to the computer uning serial port , using visual basics(iknow how to use VB )
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    You cannot connect a motor directly to a serial port
    You need to get a serial-ttl converter - available from lots of robotics toy companies.
    These will provide a pin that you can drive high or low from the serial port. You can use this to control a switch or relay to turn the motor on or off.
    You normally control it by sending text such as "on 1" "off 1" to turn on pin 1 etc.
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    In electronics class we use something called an 'IO-board' which is connected through the serial port. Our teacher has written a script to run it and we can use simple commands to write high/Low out throught 8bit.
    So we basically use homemade commands like 'getInput()','setDirection()' and 'setOutput()' that does the job.
    This is how we do it, and then, as mgb_phys said, we connect the motor etc to a circuit which is controlled by the High/Low from the 8bit.

    Hope I was of some help.
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