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Question about Word

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    Let's say I write a paper with many paragraphs that expand over multiple pages, and the paragraphs are separated with a blank line between them, i.e:



    Now, if that blank line happens to fall right between two pages, the second page will have the blank line at the top, so that the text starts a few centimeters below the text on other pages. Is it possible to tell word to "hide" this kind of blank lines, that come at the beginning of pages? I could remove the line myself, but then what if I change the page layout and those two paragraps appear in the middle of the page? There will be no separation between them.

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    Well I found the answer myself... select the paragraphs -> Format -> Paragraph... -> Spacing after. So if a mentor could please delete this. :smile:
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    I'll keep it here just incase anyone else has the same problem
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