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Question, and theory

  1. Jan 19, 2006 #1
    First of all I want to say hello to everyone on these boards, so hello! Everything I say is speculation only from what I've read, for all I know I could be speaking jibberish and not know it.
    I read a few things about QM, mostly for quantum computers and I came across something that talked about splitting a particle into two parts. When you spin one half one way the other spins in correlation with the other, which way it spins I'm not sure and I dont think it matters to my question. Now it said that if you sent one half of the particle to another galaxy and changed the direction of the spin on the one locally, then the one you sent away would also change its direction instantly. So Im assuming that they have some intimate relationship.
    My question is this, what would happen in the same setup, but one half fell into a black hole, what would happen to the half locally? I almost feel like this cant be answered but I'm hoping there are some very educated people here that could thake their time to give me their theory.
    Also, what happens when all the black holes eventually become one since all the galaxies will evenually make a single galaxy (maby I'm assuming too much here)? If this were to happen I believe this could cause the universe to collapse on itself causing a singularity, and possibly repeating "The big bang".
    Once again I dont know a lot on the subject. These are my thoughts and was just curious to know what other people thought.
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