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Homework Help: Question Computer Related

  1. Dec 29, 2004 #1
    Hi this site i regularly go to just got hacked and after or while it was when you tried to go to the site you would get the message :

    "Simiens Crew 2004/2005 po um Mundo Melhor, Enquanto Houver Fome Guerra Morte Simiens Existira, Greetz Delphiboy pitt3r s8ldier "

    Does anyone know what this message means or if it is at all able to be used to find out who the hacker(s) are. Also if there is any other way that you can find out who a hacker is afterwards. Thanks.
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    I would guess the hackers to be "Simiens Crew". It looks like very mispelled or 'leetspeak Spanish, but no guarantees on that.

    Edit: I googled for them. It appears they've been busy little... uhh, "beavers". There are a couple of message boards discussing them. Try a google and you may find someone who can give you more information.

    Edit 2: It's Portuguese. The message on one of the hacked sites says (according to Babelfish):

    While it will have hunger and war simiens exists!

    Which I take to mean they intend to continue to exist as long as there's hunger and war. Somebody seriously needs a life.
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    Ok thanks for that bit of help.
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    A bit more information, if a trifle late:


    ZoneH reports some 18000 attacks by these people. The most recent 600, linked here, are in the past three days. They seem to concentrate on Korean servers, and all of them (as far as I can tell) are running Linux.
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    Ya i had found that site, thanks though! It seems like there isnt any way to catch these guys.
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    i was hacked too....it's an exploit in awstats versions < 6.3

    http://www.chovy.com/2005/02/simiens-crew-2005-how-they-did-it.html [Broken]
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