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Question Concerning Aerodynamics

  1. Apr 14, 2006 #1
    I'm trying to understand the use of a second order calculation that the programmers of a racing game use for reproducing the cars' dynamics. Each car in the game has it's own figures for drag and downforce. They are typically presented as (base downforce, 1st order downforce, second order downforce) At least that's the way it's noted in the cars' configuration files. Typical numbers for a car's rear wing are (0.0646, 0.00751, 0.0) for drag and (-0.1898, -0.01349, 0.000046) for lift.

    Now, I understand the first two figures, base and first order drag and lift.

    But... my question is:
    I am wondering if anyone would happen to know how to determine the second order figure; and, how would it be used in both the drag and downforce calculations?
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