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Question: Finding Flow Rate

  1. Jul 30, 2014 #1
    Hey everyone,

    I have a fluid system of water coming from a pressure source. Then there is a converging nozzle, which I have calculated the resistance coefficient using Crane's Manual and it has an outlet to the atmosphere.
    I have tried to simplify the system. The full system is a pressure source, converging nozzle which has outlet into original diameter at converging nozzle inlet followed by hose to outlet to atmosphere. (this is like a fire hose system - slightly different for my actual application)​

    The pressure of the pressure source is my independent variable, I am doing a sweep in excel. So if it helps for simplicity, you can assume the pressure is 100 psi.

    How do I calculate the flow rate (in GPM)? Do I need to take away the outlet of the system?

    Currently I am thinking using:

    hL = [k(v)^2]/(2g)
    ΔP = (ρ*hL)/144
    then what for q??

    Or I am thinking q = K*A*(2*144*g*ΔP/ρ)
    but then what is ΔP?? is it the pressure drop across the converging nozzle or is it the pressure drop from the inlet to outlet at atmospheric?
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