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Question for anyone with a bipolar child

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    My younger sister is bipolar, along with my father, grandfather, and uncle. My mother seems to keep insisting that my oldest daughter is acting EXACTLY like my younger sister did. She is worrying me because I odnt see anything but the terrible twos... my daughter is 23 months, is this way to young to diagnose her with it?
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    Here is a site with a short description of the symptoms. I quote a short excerpt.


    Perhaps 23 months is too young to get a diagnosis yet. My guess is no substitute for the opinion of a doctor. I don't know what kind of doctor is qualified to make such a diagnosis, but it might be a psychiatrist.
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    If you're truly worried seek professional help as Jimmy suggests.
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    Search for "child behavioral" departments in nearby hospitals. If you are in US west coast, stanford has a big department for that. And it's not easy to get appointments in these places. I had taken my daughter to Stanford, due to her aggressive behavior at school. The earliest appointment was after 6 months.
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    I agree with the others that with a family history of it, if you're concerned, you should look for a psychiatrist with a specialization with pediatric patients. It might be too young to tell, and that may be why your mom thinks your daughter is acting like your sister, because your sister may have been behaving normally as a 2 year old and really only developed obvious symptoms later. You have to find a balance between being cautious that your mother who has seen the development of the disorder before might notice things others don't, but on the other hand, not being overly paranoid if her experiences leave her worrying more about things that really are normal.

    If you can afford it, or your insurance covers it, there's certainly no harm in taking your daughter to see a psychiatrist at a young age. If nothing else, if she does start to develop the disorder, the psychiatrist will already know her and have some baseline behavioral and developmental information to help make a better diagnosis. And if she doesn't, it may provide reassurance for you to have someone with the expertise to make the diagnosis assure you that she's fine.
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    Generally speaking, yes.

    http://www.nami.org/Template.cfm?Section=By_Illness&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=13107 [Broken]

    Another site with SOME information on it.

    I'm pretty sure you have to wait for the brain to fully develop before you can diagnose a child with bipolar disorder... Generally it occurs in early adolescence, though like it says from that link, they've found it in children as young as 6 years old. I'm almost positive (as a psychology major) that 23 months is wayyy too early for that though.

    But just like everyone else says, if you're worried, ask a doctor, not a forum. Just remember that doctors don't know everything either, so if what you're told doesn't sound right, get a second or third or fourth or fifth opinion.
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    Please consult with your physician. We can't dispense medical advice here.
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