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Question for Christine: GZK

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    Hi Christine

    I was wondering a bit about GZK and I thought I might have a look at

    Deformed Lorentz Symmetry and High E Astrophysics
    L. Gonzalez-Mestres
    http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/physics/pdf/0003/0003080.pdf [Broken]

    What other papers (of the ones you were looking at) would you recommend?

    Kea :smile:
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    Er...anyone can answer!
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    Hi Kea,

    Indeed I have started a selection here:

    http://christinedantas.blogspot.com/2005/12/elusive-gzk-cutoff.html [Broken]

    But due to complete lack of time it has not been updated to the current year. The list is not my recommendation per se, since I have only read some of those papers superficially. :cry:

    Best wishes,
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