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Question for iq tests

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    Last summer i did some iq tests, my first test had 10 questions and i scored 100 (average) after that i took a few iq tests but I don't look the score because I have ocd and fear for the tests and don't know it. After that I took the raven iq test and i scored 115 , at the iq test dk i scored 121 and after that all my iq tests are high.
    Now I wonder is my real score or just practise? This tests boost my iq or my real score? If my iq is low I could to achieve this scores later?

    (Sorry for my bad english)
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    IQ tests must be performed by a specialized psychologist trained in administering these tests. They are to determine learning and cognitive disabilities. If you took some silly game tests on the internet, disregard them, they don't mean anything, they are worthless.

    If you think you have disabilities, you should see a psychologist that specializes in these tests.
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