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Question for Mathematicians and Physicists

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    Say, my consciousness had magically moved to your body. I am a layman. But I want to get your salary as long as possible. So, I try to behave normally without attracting too much attention. When being asked about my work, I say something “I am writing new article, I will publish it soon”. When I am asked about technical stuff I reply “Yes, it is very interesting, I will review it”. Without saying Yes and No, I try to pretend that I am Mathematician or Physicist doing absolutely nothing.

    Question: How long I will be able to keep it before I get fired?
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    Depends if you are in a body of a tenured professor or an every day researcher at a national lab. If you recall, an MIT Dean of Admissions claimed to have multiple degees (undergrad, grad) for 28 years, whereas being a mere high school graduate.
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