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Question for men

  1. She must be crazy

    10 vote(s)
  2. I would be flattered

    21 vote(s)
  3. Depends on what she looks like

    11 vote(s)
  4. Depends on her personality

    12 vote(s)
  1. Sep 26, 2007 #1


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    How would you feel about being contacted out of the blue by a female that thought you were fascinating and handsome?

    Would you think she was crazy or would you be interested?
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  3. Sep 26, 2007 #2
    Well, first I'd wonder how she got my email. Then I'd be flattered. Then I'd be creeped out.
  4. Sep 26, 2007 #3


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    You're a public figure and your e-mail address is widely known.
  5. Sep 26, 2007 #4
    If I am a widely known public figure, than I probably recieve plenty of emails from unknown women. In that case, she would have to be a supermodel.

    The results differ if I am just a regular guy :wink:.
  6. Sep 26, 2007 #5
    I said depends on what she looks like.
  7. Sep 26, 2007 #6


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    Crazy - I already married the only sane one.
  8. Sep 26, 2007 #7


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    Run for my life, only a crazy woman would do such a thing.
  9. Sep 26, 2007 #8
    She must be crazy, because I try to not make my email well known.
  10. Sep 26, 2007 #9
    It might be a little strange at first, but if we hit it off, then who cares.
  11. Sep 26, 2007 #10


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    I won't respond to the poll (I was tempted), but if the question were turned around that a random guy contacted me out of the blue by email to tell me he thought I was attractive, how I reacted would probably depend on the content of the email. If it was phrased in one of the following ways:
    "Hey, I think you're interesting and sexy."
    "hey i think your interesting and sexy"
    "i think ur interstng n sxy"
    My response would likely be "BLOCK LIST" and then I'd feel all creepy all day.

    But, if there were more to it, explaining how he knows me (since I don't have a personal website, perhaps it would be something about some of my posts on PF, or some articles of mine he's read) and told me a little about himself, then I might consider at least replying and seeing what happens, or would at least be flattered enough to respond with a thanks but no thanks type reply.

    Then again, I'm not famous, so don't have guys falling over me all the time. If my inbox was filled with messages from men fawning over me every day, I'd probably get bored of it and ignore it, and just brush it off as coming from another crazy fan.
  12. Sep 26, 2007 #11


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    I had this happen a few times on facebook, but always from girls in other states. :tongue2:

    It's flattering, of course, but I seldom continue talking to these girls in the long term. The real me is a lot different from the internet me and I think it's best to give my first impressions in person.

    The only way I can see it being creepy is if their greeting was really strange or unsettling.
  13. Sep 26, 2007 #12

    "Hey, I wish I were your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves"

    Wonkkkkkkk wonkkkkkkkk wonkkkkkkkkk :rofl: :tongue2:
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  14. Sep 26, 2007 #13
    I usually just spam random emails with : "a/s/l?"

    But yeah, I'd be flattered, and more so if they were attractive.
  15. Sep 26, 2007 #14
    There's a huge age difference here so I probably can't comment on your case. Most guys I know would agree a "hi sexy" is more hot than crazy.
  16. Sep 27, 2007 #15
    I'm also not a guy, so I didn't vote, but I think you should contact him sooner rather than later. The longer you wait around considering it, the more likely you'll come off as awkward or creepy. Worst that can happen is he turns you down, and in that case, you're really no worse off. I say just do it. And I really think you should do it soon.
  17. Sep 27, 2007 #16
    Depends on her spelling and grammar. (ie. Can she help me with my essay assignments??? How valuable may she be in that regard?)

    Seriously though if there was a reason for her to have my email it would be fine, so in this case I would say I may be delightfully surprised - flattered is not the word.
  18. Sep 27, 2007 #17
    There's nothing crazy about it in principle, it could be very flattering, but it might easily be off putting. Depends on how it's written.
  19. Sep 27, 2007 #18


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    I'd feel more suspicious than anything else...
  20. Sep 27, 2007 #19


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    I am married so it would make me uncomfortable.

    If I was single, then it would depend on the motivation of the woman and the approach.

    If I was contacted and the statement was focused on me being 'fascinating and handsome', I'd be somewhat put off. If the message was in regard to my work or something that I had published, then I would be more interested.

    If the man in question is well-known, and single, then perhaps he already receives such emails, so one's email would have to stand out.

    Ultimately the response will depend upon the personality and disposition of the man being contacted. Some men might appreciate it and welcome the contact, and it might lead to a meaningful relationship. Other men, might take advantage of the contact, and set up a one-time rendezvous, and then move on.
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  21. Sep 27, 2007 #20


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    Apart from all the emails I receive from women who operate webcam subscription sites i'd be flattered. As many others have said it depends how the e-mail was written, but if its clear you don't want the guy to subscribe to your webcam web site then you might just start a conversation. Very much depends on the guy though.
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