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Question For Physics Take Home Quiz that I just can't get

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    A large tractor of a mass 13,600kg is being pulled by 2 smaller tractors. The tensions in the towing chains apply forces T1 and T2 at 2 different angles (25degrees and 35degrees, respectively) with respect to the tractor's axis. In addition, the large tractor's engine produces a forward drive force whose magnitude is 65,000N. Moreover, the mud the large tractor is stuck in applies an opposing force whose magnitude is 25,000N. The large tractor moves forward with an accelleration that points along the tractor's axis and has a magnitude of .00156m/s squared. Find the magnitudes of the tensions of T1 and T2.

    That is the problem but I don't get why a tractor with a 65000N force can't get out of mud holding it 25000N back. Am I missing something? How do I do it?


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    Are you sure that the mud is only pulling back with 25,000 N? I suppose the tractor could be pulling back?

    I suspect that there is a missing 0 on that 25,000.
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