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Question for the moderators

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    I'm sure you guys browse all of the forums. So maybe you can answer my question. I want to know what a Gunnplexer is. Which forum would be my best bet for getting a good answer?
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    Well, I had no idea what it is, so googled it and the first hit was this: http://www.altair.org/projects/gunnfaq.txt [Broken] I don't know whether that will help. If you need more info, I bet berkeman or one of the other electrical engineers will be able to assist.
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    Thanks, I'll try the EE forum
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    Interesting. I narrowed the google search with gunnplexer tutorial, and got some good hits. Apparently there is a classic book written by HAM W4UCH Robert Richardson, "The Gunnplexer Cookbook" which would probably be of help for actionintegral.

    actionintegral -- the EE forum is probably the best place to start your thread. Maybe look over the hits that you get from googling gunnplexer tutorial, and see if you can find a copy of that book. It's from 1981, though, so it won't have info on any recent developments.
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    Hi Berkeman,

    Judging by your signature, you might be able to shed some light. The experiment is on www.altair.org[/URL] and the guy seems to be a HAM enthusiast. I sent him an email asking for a starting point.
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