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Question from an idiot.

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Brash topic I know but somewhat valid in my case. Here is my problem.currently I am 25 with a 2 yr in auto body repair that has decided to forgo all previous training in an effort to pursue something that is a true passion of mine. So I quit work about 3yrs ago started going to a community college and after about a year of math started what was a freshmen semester of engineering. as of last semester my tech gp was 2.5 which is not good enough for what I want to do which is go to the U of MN twin cities since they have a good program and is local to me such that i can live with my parent so that i only have to work part time.

the probel is this after last semester which consisted of Calc 4, Physics w/calc2 and O Chem ended up with 2 d's and a B in physics. I should of had a C in Chem but didn't even take the final since i decided to concentrate on math(since i really didn't want to take that class twice) and retake O chem in the spring for at least a B which was impossible at that point. Unfortunately I ended up with a D in Math and so i have to retake that and chem.

My question is this. I have tried really hard to get to the point Im at right now. When I was young i was diagnosed with dyslexia and what was called a vestibular processing disorder. Some of it may have healed or diispprove that i have this condition. I have no issue functioning in society due to this but functioning is not my goal excelling is. I'm worried that although i can take these classes next semester and pass the problem still lies. No matter how hard I try I just don't learn quick enough or or understand everything or what ever it is that makes a successful engineer, and even if i can make my way through the U of MN with a bio-engineering degree I still wont be capable of makeing the kind of living, and advancement i want in a field full of so many bright people who are the ones setting the curve that I obviously don't.

I realize dyslexic or not I have to prove myself as capable as the next guy and after last semester where i think i put more effort in than any previous semester I'm not sure If it is a question of whether i tried but whether Im capable, competitively which is where it really counts.

sortof a loaded a question I know but maybe if you have any pointers or advice on where to go even if i manage to get the degree or how to focus the degree to better optimize some of my inabilities that would be appreciated.

Quick edit to this post I know I mentioned the Dyslexia card only for the purpose of helping people understand that Im proud of how far I have gotten for something i was told is not easy for a dyslexic person but am worried that it will hold me back from something more. Also reconizing the dyslexia is no excuses for me to pass fail or get a job, I have never really brought it up to a teacher nor do i get assistance for it. If i cant do it on my job on my own i will be never be valuable to a company.
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Have you talked with a learning disabilities specialist? The LD specialist might also be able to help you come up with strategies for studying effectively, even if you don't want to register with your school's disabilities services. I'm not sure why you won't seek accomodations for your dyslexia. Dyslexia doesn't need to be an excuse, but it is something extra you have to contend with. If reasonable accomodations will help you succeed, there's nothing wrong with that.

Good luck.
Yeah, I would recommend talking with them as well and like the above poster hinted at, if only to perhaps learn a new method to your studying and learning process. It may not be your intellect thats holding you back, but your study habits/methods. You have to find whats right for you and the LDS might have some pointers.
HappMatt, whatever you do, don't give up. I don't have much advice to give you with regards to your disability, but I just wanted to say that you should keep at your coursework - whatever the cost.

You could most certainly be of value to a company in the future, and, if not, there might be lab positions or areas in academia which you could apply for. There are many different routes to get to many different areas.

Like the other people in this thread mentioned, speak with a disability councilor at your school AND at U of Minn. Tell them that you are VERY interested in applying, explain how hard you are willing to work, and that you required their assistance. I'm sure they would love to help you.

Good luck!
Thanks for your replies and I appreciate the imput. I have actually talked with a counsler before and here are the few things that I was told, it seemed as though the the help tht was offered was basically the possibiltie of a note take in classes, possible extra time on test, and the possibilty of some tutoring. The turtoring i think could be of some use but the one problem I have is that since i was diagnosed so long ago, when i was 8, the school wont reconize it and then on top of that without inssurance it not cheap to get retested plus it just annoys me to go get tested for something I know. Fortunaly enough for me I can be stubborn as hell and i will get the degree I just bugs me spending twice the time of other students for half the results and worry that if that where the case in a job that job wouldnt last long.
either way thats for the imput.


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You must learn about your condition, what it means exactly. Only when you fully understand it can you proceed to learn properly and do well. Evidentally some understanding is missing.

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