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Question from my intution

  1. Oct 3, 2011 #1

    Why doesn't a standing truck move even after applying a large force by a little boy? Is it due to inertia of rest or friction ??

    If it is inertia of rest, then why only a small force is needed to move a heavy object in space ...
    please explain
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    If the truck were parked on a surface with little to no friction, that large force might move it (albeit slowly) because there is no frictional force to overcome. However, remember there is also the frictional force of the axle/wheels and other mechanical parts of the truck, so it still may not move. That's why a heavy object in space can be moved - there is no frictional force (nor other force that resists the movement) to overcome.
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    won't the frictional force between the mechanical parts act in space ??
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    The tire's don't need to roll in space.
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