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Question: Fuel Cell Thermodynamic Equations

  1. Jan 26, 2009 #1
    I'm an undergrad working on fuel cells for a project and I have been using a book to aid me. There are several equations in the book that were not explained properly so I was hoping someone on this forum could help identify how they were derived.

    The first 2 is related to the pressure within the system of the fuel cell. Hydrogen is pumped in 1 end and air in the other and their partial pressure is found using these formulas:



    From what I gather, this appears to be Dalton's Law but I am not sure how did the numbers 1.653, 4.192 and 1.334 pop out from.

    The next one is water diffusivity which the author defined as:

    For this one I am not sure what is the significance of 10 in this equation such that is appears 3 times in the equation without being simplified into a constant.

    I'm studying electrical engineering so when it comes to thermodynamics this is way pass me. I hope someone on this forum will be able to help out.
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