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Question - Heat of Reaction

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    For the reaction

    CO + NO2 ----> CO2 + NO the activation energy for the forward reaction is 135kj/mol of CO reacted.

    a) determine the heat of reaction
    b) from the data given, and the deltaHr for the reaction, determine the activation energy for the reverse reaction
    c) draw and label a potential energy diagram


    to do this question, someone said I need the standard enthalpy of formations but I cant find it anywhere in my book. Does anyone have a chart of it?

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    I've seen this question one too many times at PF

    You won't find the particular standard enthalpy of formation for the reaction, you'll have to deduce it. Should be supereasy. You'll need it for part a).

    also activation forward-dH=activation reverse

    Your text should explain how to do part c)
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