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Question in relation to the high pressure cleaning in titanium tubes

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    Hi guys, i got a problem with the high pressure cleaning with the titanium tubes.
    What happened was that the titanium tubes (SB 338 Gr 12; OD=50,8mm; thickness=0.71mm) experiences scalings with Calcium Sulphate, and now we are trying to clean it off using HP cleaning, the specified max. cleaning pressure was 750-800 bars, but it proves to be insufficient and now we wanted to try increasing the pressure, but we are not sure on how much the tubes can handle (the designs were done way back).

    The HP cleaning uses a 90 degrees stationary (non rotating) nozzle, and also a universal nozzle (nozzle contain 45 degrees back thrust, horizontal thrust, and a 60 degrees forward thrust).

    So if anyone can tell me what kind of pressure is acceptable or point me in the right direction / standards, this will be highly appreciated!! And is there anyway to obtain a certain surface roughness after HP cleaning?

    Thank you all!
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