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Homework Help: Question: localised mode, localisation effect of linear atomic chain

  1. Jan 12, 2005 #1
    urgent question: localised mode, localisation effect of linear atomic chain

    Hello everyone, it is great place you have here, hope I can learn alot from you

    I am doing some readings and there are couple of concepts that I havent been familiar with and if you spend a little time to help me with I would be really grateful:

    Can you please give some explanation aobut the concepts of "localised modes", "localisation effects" and "localisation length" for a linear (atonmic) chain.

    The definition I am given is "For the normalised eigenvectors q(wr) ‘localised’ modes may be thought of as those for which only a contiguous subset of the
    components of q(wr) are significantly different from zero" which I find hard to understand.

    Can you please explain abit more about localisation effect and how we would get an estimate of the "localisation length".

    If it is too much trouble for you please point me to a source of information

    Any help greatly appreciated

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