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In summary, the conversation discusses how to connect a 208 volt power source to a device that runs on 208 single phase. It is determined that the hot should be connected to one phase, the neutral to neutral, and the ground to ground. However, it is noted that 208 volts is an unusual voltage and the device may require a line-to-line connection. It is recommended to seek help from an expert in this area.
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Hey guys thanks in advance for any help,

I have a 3 phase 208 volt power source and I have something (heat wheel) that runs on 208 single phase. The heat wheel has ports labeled H (hot) N(neutral) G (gnd). I believe that if i take two legs of the 208 v 3ph, It should now be a single phase. However, one leg would go to hot, gnd would be gnd, does the other leg (which is hot as well), go to neutral?

Thanks again
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You hook the hot to one of the phases, neutral goes to neutral and ground goes to ground. Your 3 phase should have 3 hots and a neutral if it doesn't just hook the neutral to one of the hots on your 3-phase. The problem with that is that you won't get 208 volts.

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208 Volt is an unusual voltage for something to be designed for.
Are you sure it's 208 Volt.
The line to neutral voltage of 208 volt is only 120 volt.
If your device is designed for 208 volt, then it should be connected line to line.

This is not my area of expertise, so you probably should get help from someone who is an expert in this area.

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