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Homework Help: Question of nuclear transformation

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    a U(a=238,z=92) originally at rest decays spontaneously to form thorium and an alpha particle.no gamma rays is emitted
    (a):the alpha particle emitted during decay travels a distance of 25mm in a cloud chamber.given that on average alpha particle creates 4 *raise to power 3 ions per mm of track in cloud chamberand energy required to poduce one ion pair is 4.8*raise to power -18 j.find kinetic energy with which alpha particle was emitted.
    (b):hence deduce the initial velocities of alpha particle and thorium nucleus
    c:calculate the difference between the rest masses of original uranium nucleus and sum of product of rest masses of products of decay
    plz solve them for me
    a:4.8*raise to power -13j
    b:velocity of alpha:1.20*raise to power 7 m/s
    velocity of thorium :2.05*raise to power 5 m/s
    c:mass:5.42* raise to power -30 kg
    plz post the complete process h did u solve this question
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    As I explained to you in a different thread, you need to show us your own work in order for us to help you.
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