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Question of TEM wave.

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    I have questions:

    1) What is the limitation of using:

    [tex]\vec H ( \vec r, t) =\frac 1 v \nabla \times \vec E(\vec r, t)\;\hbox { where }\; v= \frac 1 {\mu \epsilon}[/tex]

    I know for this formula to work, the medium has to be charge free. I want to know in what other cases I cannot use E to find B. I think the E has to be time harmonic wave which mean it is a sine wave of certain frequency [itex]\omega[/itex]. Any other limitation?

    2) What is the limitation of using the formula in finding H of TEM wave in a medium ( lossless, lossy or practical good conductor )?

    3) TEM wave only say E and B are perpendicular to each other and both perpendicular to direction of travel. Is plane wave part of the TEM wave?


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    I totally updated my original question in the first post.
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