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Homework Help: Question on a ramp

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    I have a 1kg weight on a rmap inclined 20degrees being pulled upwards and to the left
    ************** -
    in that motion above(look at dashes only), is it -ma or +ma?
    so the equation is

    -a = t - mgsin20
    a = t - mgsin20
    im just wondering if a leeft movement has anythign to do with gravity (A) being + or-
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    try looking at it in terms of the forces acting in the X direction and the forces acting in the Y direction. Consider where you place your origin.

    Then think about which vectors will be positive and which will be negative.
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    no no i just want a simple anaswre
    i just meant weather acceleration should be -ma or +ma
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    It has to do with how you define coordinate system.
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    i have an exam tomorrow and i just wanted to know , are you saying theres no way to tell from the info i sent?
    *sigh* nvm..
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