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Question on Atomic Principals

  1. Oct 16, 2007 #1
    Hello all!!!!

    I realize these questions may have been more appropriately posted in another forum, however for their application I will use interstellar space.

    1st: As I just read a few threads down, solar wind consists of protons and electrons, overall the charge of the sun (or any mass) always remains 0. Is there a mechanism which governs the ratio of solar wind particles in order to maintain a neutral net charge? I realize I'm probably unaware of some fundamental formula, or maybe not? The majority of solar wind must react with the earth's magnetosphere? What other interactions take place?

    2nd: In what state is the matter in interstellar or intergalactic space? Ive read that plasma is abundant in the cosmos, This perplexes me as my personal interpretation of plasma dictates matter that is visible (lighting, flames) I would love some information on plasma physics!! Oh also, If plasma is indeed abundant in the interstellar/galactic universe, is the sparse concentration of matter the reason space is so cold?

    Thanks guys!!!!!
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